Storing the important things – in plain sight.

In the Pinterest world of perfectly ordered belongings, behind cabinet doors and nestled in labeled bins, what about the action items?  The things you need to remember to sign, return, or take a dose at a certain time?  For a photo shoot to be published online, often these daily necessities are cleared out of the way to focus on a home's decor & finishes.  But for real world homeowners and organizers, these items are an important part of the picture.  So let's focus in on a few items you probably do want to find a place for, in plain sight.

1. Bills

For utilities and regular monthly bills, autopay options are a lifesaver!  But for other bills that come in through snail mail here and there, it's important that they don't get lost in the shuffle.  Using a magazine holder or other vertical file is a great way to keep these important papers handy, but out of the way.

2. Medications

Storing medications can be tricky.  Ideally they should be kept tucked away (from humidity, out of reach of children, etc) but also accessible if you need to take them every day.  A linen closet can be a good place to set aside some space for medications and first aid items.  However, if you want easy access to daily medications, try using a makeup bag!  They look nice out on the counter, and also keep the meds concealed for privacy.

Tip: Set an appointment in your phone's calendar to schedule important medications, especially if your routine has recently changed.  You'll get a reminder automatically so you never miss a dose!

3. Inspiration

If you are inspired by being surrounded with visuals, but don't necessarily want them out all the time, try this: hang cork boards inside cabinet doors.  This can be anywhere, in the kitchen, bathroom, or home office.  Open the doors while you're working in the space, and then it all closes away when you're ready to move on!