Summer Travels: Organized

Summer travels: organized

Summer summer summer time.  Time to sit back and unwind.

Until, that is, it's time to pack up for that summer family vacation!  Sure, you can just throw everything you may or may not need into a suitcase (or several!) for stress-free prep.  But by taking a few extra minutes here and there, you can streamline the process and make everything easier to find while you're living out of your suitcase.

1. Make a list.

keep calm and make a list

Whenever you start brainstorming about what you might need to remember to bring on your trip, start a list!  You never know when inspiration will hit, and it will be much more difficult to recall all those great ideas at the last minute.

2. Keep common items pre-packed.  A set of travel shower items can simply be stored in the bathroom cabinet in a ziploc bag, ready to go.  Keep the first aid kit in its own bag or container, so that you have easy access to grab the necessities.  I keep mine in what is probably supposed to be a hanging shower bag, but I love all the mesh zipper pockets, and the fact that I can hang it on the bathroom doorknob when I'm treating a scraped knee.

Here's an example of a similar bag available on amazon.


3. Use grocery tote bags to keep like things together.  I like to have my kids each pack their clothes, and then separate their daytime clothes from their pajamas with individual bags.  This makes it easier for little ones to find what they need and get dressed independently.
Read: mommy and daddy have more down time on vacation!

4. Snackeez!

Who hasn't heard this commercial by now, which by the way, was very effective in grabbing my kids' attention.  Unlike most of these TV products, we actually ordered these and use them all the time!  The kids love them at home but they are especially useful for road trips in the car.

5. Take a picture of what you've packed.  This is one of my favorites, and we do it every time.  When the kids pick out their toys and books that they'll bring, I line them all up and take a photo.  Then, when it's time to pack up to come home, we just pull up the photo to make sure we have everything.  

This is what we brought this year to Ocean City.









These are just a few of many ways to simplify while packing for a trip.  I'd love to hear your favorite travel tips!

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