To the mamas

It's the day after Mother's Day.  Yesterday was no doubt filled with appreciation, celebration, and adulation.  But, as all the second Sundays in May that have come before, they are followed by Monday morning.  Back to work, another early morning at home with the baby, the sink once again full of dishes.  

Hopefully all the mamas are approaching their day with a little pep in their step today, a little boost from the reminder of just how appreciated they are.  But when it comes down to it, mama will take on the days and the nights, the highs and the lows, whether she is recognized or not.

In many homes - not all, but most - mama is the glue that holds things together.  I work with many of you, moms that are holding the weight of [the home, the teenager, the stuff, the move, the newborn] on your shoulders, to lighten the load, to find some relief.  

What they say is true, it really does take a village, and it can be incredibly freeing to accept that and accept help.  I am so happy to have my village of family, friends, and resources so that I don't have to go it alone.  And even though Mother's Day has come and gone, I'm so delighted to be able to support Moms and their families all throughout the year!