In-home Organizing Consultation

The in-home consultation is an opportunity for me to get to know you and your home.  Even if we are only focusing on one room, it is essential to see the entire floor plan and how all the rooms relate to each other.  During this time we will discuss ideas, budget for furnishings or materials needed, and formulate a plan!


Organizing sessions

  • Sorting through what items will stay in the space, and what will go elsewhere
  • Ordering items in a functional way within the space
  • Returning everything according to the new space plan

There is a unique solution for everyone’s organizing challenges. The pricing and scheduling for organizing projects is designed to be fully customizable. Typically, following the initial consultation, we will work in 4 hour sessions to achieve incremental goals.

Other services as needed:

  • Home decorating
  • Shopping for or ordering home decor and organizing products
  • Coordinating with contractors for any remodeling needed
  • Repurposing or donating any items to local organizations




  • Home office filing and storage systems
  • Complete closet organization
  • Storage areas such as garages and attics
  • Specialty areas such as play rooms and craft rooms
  • Kitchen, pantry, and bathroom storage and organization
  • Unpacking, organizing, and decorating new home
  • Temporary changes to accommodate guests and events
  • Rotating storage for seasonal items and decor


Home staging services range from itemized selections, to full service packages.  Beginning with a walk through of your home or property, we will identify and prioritize recommended improvements and updates.  Examples of services offered include:

  • Walk and talk consultation
  • Camera ready staging sessions
  • Furniture and accessory rentals
  • Home organizing sessions

 A customized quote will be provided, detailing all recommendations, and can be tailored to your budget.  If any additional work is needed, referrals will also be provided for local contractors such as painters, home remodeling companies, and cleaning companies to complete the entire home staging process.

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