How to declutter when donation sites are closed

Many of us are using our quarantine time to get projects done around the house.  Going through closets, garages, and other storage areas to purge excess stuff, doesn't cost a thing, and doesn't require a trip to the store.  But the places we would typically take things that others could make use of, are closed.  Since the whole point of "decluttering" is to get things out of your house, what do you do when you don't have an outlet for these items?

One thing we don't want to do, is delay these projects.  Tackling storage spaces when you're in the mindset to get it done is the best way to be productive.  So don't let the closure of donation centers stop you!

Another option we want to avoid, is simply throwing everything in the trash.  Of course anything that is broken, stained, or unusable in any way needs to be recycled in the best way possible, and not donated.  But there are probably many items in that closet that someone else could absolutely make use of.

Before you start working on your storage area, try to designate a spot in your home where donation items will be stored.  You can use painter's tape to draw a square on the floor, use the bottom of a certain closet, or a corner of the bedroom, whatever works for you.  By having everything all together, it will be easy to load up once you can make the trip to drop it off.

We also want to make sure that whatever we decide to donate, doesn't end up back in your home.  To achieve this, we'll have to make sure that all your decisions are final, even though you know your items will still be in your house.  Try to make sure that no "maybes" go in the donation pile.  Be confident in your "donate" decisions, and don't look back.  It can also be helpful to not use transparent containers such as clear trash bags or clear bins.  Opt for black trash bags or cardboard boxes for your donate items.

Here is what my donation pile is looking like so far.  I'd love to hear updates on how your decluttering is going!