Start somewhere.

The impossible task.  The daunting chore.  When a mole hill seems to have morphed into a whole mountain.

I know this feeling.  When my clients describe this feeling to me, I can empathize.  I've been there.  It usually comes to life with the words, "I don't know where to start."

Sometimes it's the fear of failure that keeps us from trying.  We just can't risk spending energy on a project that will make ourselves feel worse after a failed attempt.  Most of the time we can justify the procrastinating with the valid rationalization that we're just too busy.  It's true, there are other things to be done.

But just like a spring that has been compressed over time, we can snap out of this pattern, and spring into action.

Start somewhere.  Identify your challenging task/room/items.  Stand in this area or near these things and really look around.  Find one decision you can make about what you see.  It could be finding one item you can take to donate now.  One sink full of dishes you can wash now.  Or one basket of laundry that can be folded and put away.

Improve mindfulness.  If you're not familiar with the concept, I'd encourage you to learn more.  We can benefit from this concept by honing our ability to focus on the present moment, and steer clear of judgement.  Without being overly reactive, emotional, or judgemental, we can evaluate our goals and entertain steps to achieve them.

Embrace the journey.  So often a project can actually require more time than is available in any one day.  Pushing yourself into fatigue can decrease productivity, and make your efforts less effective.  Allow yourself down time in between organizing sessions, and accept the state of transition that you may find yourself in.  Enjoying your breaks will give you the much needed energy to get started again when you can!