Freshen up your front entry for spring

Spring has arrived for us in the mid-atlantic area, and Mother's Day marks the unofficial start to gardening season!  The threat of a sudden frost keeps gardeners at bay for much of April, but now we should be in the clear to get the plants outside and in the ground.  This is also a great time of year to refresh the front entry and get everything cleaned up from whatever winter left behind.  Here's a few ideas to get some curb appeal going on your front porch or entry.

Edge the garden beds

This is a simple & easy task that makes a big impact on the front of the house.  Edging your garden beds gives everything a nice clean look, and helps to keep mulch in place.  Read more on how to do it here.

Plant some containers on the front porch

Bring some spring color right up to the front door with some large planters.  Include plants of varying heights & textures to add interest.  Read on for more container ideas.

Paint the front door and trim

Not only does it freshen up the look of your entry, but painting regularly protects the wooden components of your exterior from the elements.  Apply a fresh coat of paint and seal any cracks to prevent wooden trim from rotting, and keep pests from finding entry points into your home.  Here's a how-to for more details.

Powerwash exterior surfaces

Is there anything more satisfying than watching videos of powerwashers transforming driveways and sidewalks?  Achieve the same results in your own home, read on for more powerwashing tips.

Add some finishing touches

A fresh new welcome mat and a little wind chime or flag add character to your front entry.  Find something that speaks to you to add a personal touch to your home!